The Muddlarks Theatre Group

Sheppey Little Theatre's resident adult (age 18+) drama group.

We meet at the theatre on Mondays 7.30pm - 9.20pm

Annual subscription is currently £84 - equivalent to £2 per week

We aim to stage at least one full production a year at the theatre, and we also record the "PRESTIN MYSTERIES" for broadcast on local radio station BRFM 95.6fm. So if you have always wanted to be on stage - or backstage - or perhaps want to try out your radio acting vocal skills, come along and meet us on a Monday at the theatre between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.




We had our inaugural meeting on 26th April 2010, and in August we put on our first show - entitled "The Play's the Thing". The first half of the programme consisted of poems and readings with a sea theme and the second half was a nautical comedy - "Sarah" - written by founder member Richard.

"The Play's the Thing"

"Sea Breezes" - rehearsal photograph "A Sailor He"

"Sea Breezes" - rehearsal photograph "The Sea, The Sea"

"Rehearsal photograph "Sarah"

"Rehearsal photograph "Sarah"

In October we staged a short murder mystery play for the theatre's variety concert. "The Red Herring Murders" written by founder member Linda was set in a 1950's radio station, and featured part of the "final episode" of a detective drama serial, which Linda then turned into a 10 minute playlet - "The 39 Red Herrings" and this was broadcast on the Daniel Nash Monday Night Community Show at BRFM 95.6fm on the 13th December.

Rehearsal photograph - "The Red Herring Murders"

Rehearsal photograph - "The Red Herring Murders"




Following on from "The 39 Red Herrings" we were aked to produce a 'proper' 6 part serialised radio play, and so the first of the 'Prestin Mysteries' - "Hound for Hound" - was broadcast on Daniel Nash's programme over a 6 week period between April and May.

We also put on a semi staged version of the first three episodes at the theatre's variety concert in March

The cast of "Hound for Hound"

In August 2011 we presented "Muddlarks for 3" at the theatre. This consisted of three short one-act plays - "Going Up" and a case of the Unknown", both written by founder-member Pat, and "In Shadow", written by Linda - interspersed with various sketches, poems and recitations, written by members of the group.

"Poster for "Muddlarks for 3"

"Rehearsal photograph for "Going Up"

"Rehearsal photograph for "A Case of the Unknown"

"Rehearsal photograph for "In Shadow"

Over 5 weeks bewtween November and December, "Circles" - the next 'Prestin Mystery' in the series was broadcast on BRFM.




In March two of our members - Richard and Linda presented a potted version of "Antigone" - based on Jean Anhouile's play of the classic Greek tragedy.

"A Tangled Web" - the next Pestin Mystery written by Linda - was broadcast on Daniel's programme over a 6 week period between Juhne and July

On 24th and 25th August we staged our first complete show - "Romeo and Dude-a-lette" written by founder member Steph. It told the tale of the star-crossed lovers, but with a twist.

Programme for "Romeo and Dude-a-lette"

Romeo and Dude-a-lette - cast and crew

To see a full gallery of pictures from the show, please visit our facebook page search muddlarks or

Link to Muddlarks facebook

At the beginning of December we recorded the 'Prestin Mystery' "A Purrfect Crime" at the Sheerness County Youth Centre.

Recording "A Purrfect Crime"

On the 17th December we did our live broadcast pf the Christmas 'Prestin Mystery' - "The Missing Pillowcases Case"

Muddlarks at BRFM




The next two 'Prestin Mysteries' - "A Purrfect Crime" (in 6 episodes) and the "The Bone of Doom" (in 10 episodes) - were broadcast April to May, and October to November respectively.

On the 29th November and with a matinee on 1st December we presented our first pantomime - "Cinderella" written by Linda.

Poster for "Cinderella"

"Cinderella" - cast and members of Island Performing Arts

To see a full gallery of pictures from the show, please visit our facebook page search muddlarks or

Link to Muddlarks facebook

On the 13th December we did a live broadcast of the 'Prestin Mystery' "Past Christmas Resent" on the Daniel Nash Monday Night Community Show at BRFM 95.6fm

link to the podcast


Plans for 2014


We are currently discussing our plans for this year. It is likely that we will stage another pantomime near to Christmas. We hope to participate in the variety concerts put on by the theatre twice a year, and to put on a show in our own right, around August.

The next 'Prestin Mystery' we will be recording is "Black, Lily" in 6 episodes. Later in the year there will be another 'Prestin Mystery' to record, and also our live broadcast at Christmas to look forward to.

Notice Board

Please see below link for BRFM radio broadcasts on Daniel Nash's Community Show.

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We can also be found in the Amateur Theatre Database Magazine - 'Sardines', where you will find details of future productions, as well as archive listings of all our productions to date.

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Phone 07716455284

Podcasts of the Prestin Mystery Plays are available from the Daniel Nash Monday Night Community Programme page via the BRFM 95.6fm web site.

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